Individual Tax Preparation
Each year, the federal and state tax codes get more and more complex and it can be hard for anyone to keep up and fully understand what deductions, tax breaks, and tax savings one is entitled to. Our firm works diligently to not only keep up-to-date on the tax code but to make sure each individual client doesn’t miss out. Jack Lewis CPA, PC does all the work, the client can simply come in and have a personalized meeting or drop off their information. We also offer second opinions on previously prepared returns and if you’ve missed filing prior year returns, we can help get you back in compliance.

Business Tax Preparation
Along with Individual returns, our expertise also lies in Business Federal & State Income Tax Returns. Business accounting, financial management and tax preparation can be a heavy task. Jack Lewis CPA, PC works diligently to make sure your records and return match and are in accordance with the current IRS and State rules and regulations.

IRS Representation
If you or your company ever receives an IRS letter, call us and we’ll help you with efficiency and urgency. It’s recommended to consult a CPA on representation with the IRS as every taxpayer has fundamental of rights of due process and representation.

Offer In Compromise and IRS Payment Plans
Unfortunately in today’s world, owing back taxes is becoming more common and more complex to handle. In today’s economy, it seems as if paying the IRS can become a last priority. We specialize in seeing if you qualify for an Offer in Compromise plan in which you can “settle” your IRS taxes or set you up with a payment plan.

Tax Planning
It is recommended to plan ahead if you are curious about next year’s taxes so you won’t be caught by surprise. It works best if you plan your financial affairs on a quarterly or yearly basis to minimize your taxes. There are plenty of ways to pay fewer taxes, so call us and we can sit down and plan it out with you for a win/win situation.